We welcome interest from both private investors and equity portfolios. We have various project types in both US and international locations, many of which can have the balance of funding finalized, or improve the terms of their capital stack, with additional equity. We often have the ability to introduce you to a unique methods of investing into the vast portfolio of projects we are involved in.  While the common method of investing direct into a project is typically available as an equity participant or lender, where we can help review the project returns and help negotiating mutual beneficial terms, we are also involved with projects that can provide an investment return through a unique program of utilizing investor funds simply as a deposit. Funds would be held in a  Law Firm custodial account, similar to escrow, for credit enhancement of the project. In these situations, funds are safe and held for a set period of time.  And in some of the capital arrangements, a fixed return would be provided while also providing you a residual profit share of the underlying funded projects once operational and stabilized, truly the best of both worlds for an Investor.  The minimum is $1M USD.

Email us at or via our contact page for a discussion on current project opportunities in need of additional capital.